Collegiate Bicton All Purpose Saddle

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Collegiate Bicton All Purpose Saddle

Collegiate Bicton All Purpose Saddle gives horse and rider a comfortable, lightweight fit that can be adjusted with the changeable gullet. High tech, low maintenance black synthetic English riding saddle from Collegiate has a light but durable molded synthetic tree and seat components plus great performance features. All purpose English saddle is perfect for schooling, lessons, competitions, and general riding. Easy care synthetic materials mean there is no break in time and no stiff, squeaky leather. You don't need to oil, clean, and condition this saddle. Simply brush off the dust or wipe with a damp cloth then put it back on the saddle rack. The Bicton would be a perfect fit for an English lesson barn. The lighter weight enables kids to tack and un-tack horses with greater ease and the low maintenance and durability means great value for the riding school owner.

Lightweight English saddle is ideal for younger and older horses, those that are changing fitness levels, and ones with health issues like arthritis. Riders with those same issues will love it, too! Horses and riders who are in peak performance shape will also appreciate the Bicton for its comfortable molded tree, the adjustable gullet, and the sophisticated, sleek look. The outstanding low price makes sense for the cost conscious horse owner. The Bicton synthetic saddle comes with a medium gullet. Other gullet widths are available separately. Collegiate Bicton All Purpose Saddle is named in honor of Bicton College in the heart of Devon, England. Collegiate lives up to its name!

  • Collegiate 10 year warranty on saddle tree
  • Collegiate 2 yr warranty on saddle
  • Black
  • Changeable gullet
  • Easy care synthetic

Please look over the details of Mary's Saddle Trial Program and let us know if you have any questions!