Pessoa A/O Heritage Pro Covered Leather Saddle with AMS Panels (REGULAR) and XCH

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Pessoa's most luxe saddle yet, the Heritage Pro Covered Leather AMS XCH gives "custom" French saddles a run for their money. Pessoa has gone all out, using only premium hand-selected leathers (ensuring they'll be long-lasting, supple, grippy, and soft), enhancing the seat with their exclusive Bayflex Compressor seat foam (we dare you to find a more comfortable, supportive seat), and offering 4 flap lengths, 3 panel fits, 5 seat sizes, and 5 Xchange tree options (can't get much more "custom" than that). The Pessoa A/O Heritage Pro Covered Leather AMS XCH saddle is pretty enough for the Hunter ring and substantial enough for the Jumper ring...and comfortable enough for just having fun hacking around. Here's a little more information about the AMS panels on the Pessoa A/O Heritage Pro CL AMS XCH:

  • AMS panels are made of synthetic wool wrapped in a layer of soft neoprene
  • AMS creates a cushioning, even layer across your horse's back to absorb shock, evenly disperses the rider's weight, and eliminates hot spots and bunching
  • AMS panels can be reflocked for a custom fit, just like traditional wool flocked panels

The Pessoa A/O AMS is available with three different AMS panel configurations: Regular (for "regular" horses - horses that have no extreme or distinguishing variations in wither height or back length, which are the vast majority of horses out there) , Corto (for the short-coupled horse, generally with a lower wither and flatter back), and Alto (for the high-withered, more A-frame horse). The Pessoa A/O Heritage Pro Covered Leather AMS XCH saddle also features Pessoa's XCH Interchangeable Gullet System. The XCH System can help adjust the fit of the saddle to a horse whose back might change with age or fitness, and if you get a new horse, it increases the chances of being able to fit the same saddle to the new horse. Interchangeable XCH gullets are available in five sizes, sold separately (Narrow, Medium, Medium-Wide, Wide, and Extra-Wide) and all you need is a screwdriver to make the change (he Heritage Pro comes with a standard Medium gullet). Like all Pessoa saddles, the Pessoa Heritage Saddle has a 100-Year warranty on its tree.

The Pessoa A/O Heritage Pro Covered Leather AMS XCH saddle is available in:

  • Seat sizes: 16, 16.5, 17, 17.5, 18
  • Flap lengths: Regular, Long, Forward, Long Forward
  • Panels: Standard, Corto, Alto

If you do not see the configuration you are looking for, please call 800.551.MARY(6279) to speak with one of our sales associates.

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