Prestige Vintage X Paris Saddle - CLOSEOUT PRICE!

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Prestige Vintage X Paris Saddle

The Prestige Vintage X Paris D is an extremely close contact jumping saddle featuring Prestige's X-Technology seat, newly-designed panels, and unique vintage calfskin leather treatment with beautiful turquoise trim. 17 inch seat, 33 cm tree, A+2 flap.

Prestige X-Technology is a unique seat design that employs elastic membranes filled with a special shock-absorbing material into the areas of the seat that correspond to the rider's seat bones. X-Technology means the rider can have a deep comfortable seat without additional padding, increasing the close contact feel of the saddle. Newly-designed Prestige panels are a combination of synthetic flocking wrapped in layer of highly elastic honeycomb material. These new panels are very low-profile, yet very stable and comfortable on the horse's back.

The Prestige tree has been designed to provide maximum comfort for the horse and an ideal balance for the rider. Made of a plastic composite, the Prestige tree is lightweight, flexible enough to adjust to the movement of the horse, yet strong and stable. All Prestige Italia saddles come with a lifetime guarantee on the tree (except in the case of an accident). Prestige saddle trees can be narrowed or widened by Prestige, without having to take the saddle apart; please contact Mary's Tack & Feed for additional details.

Eye-catching vintage leather is naturally tanned and comes specifically from cattle bred outdoors in order to take advantage of the unique surface patterns of visible grains, wrinkles and slight marks. These are proof of the absolute authenticity of the materials used and are evidence of their great value. Over the course of time and use these vintage leather saddles tend to become lighter in color, giving it the true vintage effect and feel. We only have one of these saddles left, on a great closeout deal! Vintage leather with Turquoise trim.

The Prestige Vintage X Paris D comes with small front and rear blocks. (A+2 flap is 2cm more forward than the standard flap). At Mary's, we know how important it is to get the right saddle for you and your horse. We proudly offer our customers a saddle trial service. Please look over the details of Mary's Saddle Trial Program and let us know if you have any questions!

If you do not see the size you are looking for, please call 800.551.6279 to speak with one of our sales associates about availability.